Thursday, October 1, 2009

FALL Family Photos

Book your private photo session on a Monday, Thursday, or Friday morning in October and receive $50 off your session or get $75 off your custom holiday greeting card order.

Dates are limited, so call today to reserve your time.


Smug Mug VS. Shutterfly Professional

I recently switched from a Shutterfly Pro Account to Smug Mug Professional. While in general I was very pleased with my Shutterfly account there were several reasons for my switch.

1. Customization - when considering brand management, Smug Mug's customization features matter. You can easily integrate your smug mug galleries into your existing website. They even provide you with html to easily add slideshows, flash animations, and stills to enhance your website.

2. Digital Downloads - these days this is very important. Shutterfly's new digital download feature cost a min. of $.99 per download, and they only allow the download of one size. Smug Mug allows you to set your price and they take 15%, they also allow you to set a variety of prices for 1m, 4m, and original size files. The best part is when you upload the original it makes all the corresponding size files for you!! No more creating web galleries in photoshop...I let smug mug do all the work now.

3. Price (See awesome offer below) - through 2009 Smug Mug is offering 50% off for first time subscribers. That's an excellent deal. If you're interested - use the coupon code(s) below.

Well worth the switch!

Up to $75 Off (50%) any Annual Smugmug Subscription! at!
Savings will vary based on the acount type. $20 Off on Standard Smugmug account, $30 Off on Power User Smugmug account or $75 Off Smugmug Pro account!
Coupon Code – PiCAsAwEb
Coupon Code - yAhoO
Expiration Date – Unknown
How to Redeem Coupon: Enter it in the Email/Coupon Area in the sign up page